Gone with the Wind,Understanding Analytics

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Bounce Rate
Many people come to a site or a blog expect something else and leave before a cookie can be collected and leaves the blogger with the question, where do they go ?.Were they looking for your Blog Topic ?, Or was it just a bit of luck from the search engine.These are the hardest customers to satsfy,because they don't leave information behind only a message, It's not there because you don't have it.But what you don't have is not said so you don't know.They just go Back to Google not leaving a trace on Analytics and leaving the blogger "scratching his/her head wondering, What I am doing wrong".Maybe they are Disappointed that the blog Does not have a blog calling card gadget on my page you the I was here widget's from blogcatalog and many others.They only gadget I have is my lijit search the function of this is that it searches all my communities and my entire online network.I leave this here because it can help me and my blog network.

So what do they want
I had Cbox ,which in principal is good you leave a Message and go.But it's abused people come leave a message so you will come to them.Visit me,Link to me, And that's the height of the conversation. Ok when they visit you and you visit them back great you get a guest they get one back.But the problem with these is that they also think you need comments if they see none on the post.A comment is nice so long as it's within the topic of the post.One example is hello nice blog www.banana.com or a nice spam calling card.The Comment box is a kind of business card if you don't put an interesting comment down then other visitors will not want to visit you.the same way If the blogger writes nothing interesting they will not get a comment so I expect no comments from this post.

Just keep trying
Well I am going to Have to keep trying until,I get it right although sometimes my jumping cursor and unstable I.S.P "this is to you eircom" are not much help.I have made some adjustments to my template and have it they way i want it to look now.I like this template because I understand it and it's Flexible and Easy on the eyes and Bandwidth.

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busstoped said...

The highlighting on this Page is an example of how a On and off Connection.It ruining my work eircom I have an Always on Connection And I want it To Be Always On.

WordBluesUnlimited said...

What you think is what you get. Thanks for the entertaining read. For this I will be on your trail.

kang tatang said...

Still confusing for me :)
Hi..hi..... :)

Thanks for visiting, great to be here.


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