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This Week I have Been using tags to find similar interests and it's Working Page Views are increasing Visits are not but who needs Visitors that are Not looking around Plus I have Been Gaining Good Backlinks by
searching like Articles and just adding a link to them.No we are all greedy with Linking.This is because we give to receive this is not always a good thing you need links from a A-list Blogger so you think.What about linking to your so Called Contacts ?,But you Don't Link to their Blog Directly unless it's Content is Very Similar to yours,what you do is link to a post on the blog from a post similar on the other blog.So many blogs have different topic but maybe there is one post related to a post on your blog.

Here is what I done this Week,I have some interest in Comics but I don't have many posts on cartoons but I do have one or two.So I placed a link to another members page on this post

So now these posts are connected and it's a part of my network of future comic posts.But you can Also do it with most of your articles if they linkback nice if they don't who cares ?.The point of it is that your post has more exit points for Visitors to choose From and I am not creating a trap for people from the search engine.

Now you can do this also if you wish but just think about what you are linking to.I you search through my lijit engine you will find people and posts on my network.This is why Today I did not keep him as a contact.Because his Request to a Person who had 12 or so communities Which were all Affiliate Programs why Bother joining such nonsense he should promote this Kind of Thrash in Traffic Exchanges.So there is No Point of me Joining him Because I don't Sell E-Books.

What I also Got was A Technoratti Favourite from Someone who Has a Very Funny Site and I favoured him Back this is How you are Supposed to use this Program to make contacts and Increase Rankings and Traffic.So if you want to Favour me on Technoratti I will return your good Deed.And do the same with your Community if they don't favour Back Delete them from you Best list and as a contact because they are useless to your Network and are not Friends also leave their community.But Before you do this Leave them a Message that you favoured them and when the come back Crawling on their knees you will get a Visit from them at least.

I hope this was of help and please feel free to share you Opinion on this Topic.

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