Starting With My Bloglog made Simple

Have You Just Joined My Bloglog?
Well if you did you were probably nudged
I remember when I started there was people adding me as contacts and nudging me and i did not know what was going on.I have placed some screen-shots on "my picasa album" to explain a little better just follow the link Below if you have any problems.

First things first you will start with an empty profile and you will have to add your Services like Facebook,Twitter,your Blog and which ever you want to add to do this Click on Add your services just type in your user name for the services and it will update your services

Next is the most important adding your Community,Adding your community is your Blog/Website to do this click ad website in the Sites and services box please note that your blogger or wordpress profile is added but not many will look unless you ad your Sites.

when you have added your site you will also need to add your feed address to get more exposure this is also easy if you have a feed and know the address Go To sites and services Settings here you can add your feed address and upload a screen shot of your site the screenshot of your site is important as it has a visual impact on people if you have a good image then people will come to your site to see the screen shot of this post please click here
I hope this helps you and read some more of my stuff on mybloglog and feel free to join my community and message me with any questions you have about this also don't forget about adding tags to your profile.Tags or labels are very important and these labels are often over looked I will write more about "Getting your tags to work" for now read what I wrote on MyBloglog here in another post.

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Jun Javier said...

hi just drop by,



busstoped said...

This is not A chat Board Comment on the Topic

Mishu said...

I believe, what u state here is very important for a blogger. As last i find it very important as i also have to ask myself who come for what and where they gone.
Hope i can get enefit from ur posting.

Good post and pls do posting such.

iondoll said...

Interestingly simplified version for those who never grasped the concept.

WordBluesUnlimited said...

Interestingly simplified version for those who never grasped the concept

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