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We all are very happy to see visitors to our blog be it they are from a referral where you made a comment on another site or somewhere like mybloglog or "mbl" for short,And then from Search engines the favorite of most bloggers.There is a gadget called a Cbox which I used f or a few days maybe you have seen them.Its a script where you type a message and leave your E-Mail or Website on it great for visitors you just Click on the name and go to the site.There is a very big problem with this though you can get much traffic from this you have to ask what kind of traffic.The only thing most people use this for is to "Get lots of Traffic".But what kind of traffic you get is Bounce traffic most traffic does not stay long and Bounce rates are high.You will be asked to link to people but if you look at analytics you will see average time on site 00.00 most not staying long enough to collect a cookie.This Gadget is a sure way to drive traffic from your site.Another problem is when you visit your visitors and find that they love Gadgets they think it makes the site look cool.Actually they are very uncool to search engines the reason being "Page Size" this is very important part of SEO if your page is too big it will not show up in a search.Well they know that if a page takes 20 seconds to download on a DSL connection then there is something wrong with that page and they don't think it's what people are looking for.

Another thing about these types of gadgets is where is your traffic going if you want to make money on line a cbox is no use in fact it damaging your site firstly because the SEO secondly because of chasing away your traffic
people see the cbox and say I can also get a few visits from this and they go on blogwalking and leave your site.Visitor time on site is Affected it is often Skewed by visitor leaving browser windows open,Have you all excited that someone was 45 minutes on your blog.Thinking that they have read everything on your blog.

The Link to Me problem when I am asked to link to someone I will if there site is like mine what good is Linking this Blog to a Blog about Handbags.No use at all,Many think a link is a link and that's it,that used to work but not anymore find a link in your niche.And Forget about gadgets that drive traffic from your site the twitter gadgets are much the same. By the way do you get traffic from twitter.I see Many claims that twitter is a Traffic machine but i think only for Stars Related

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