Are you just Adding Contacts or creating a Network

Using MyBloglog To your Advantage

Having Used My Blog Log For a Few Weeks I discovered A way to Get more traffic Using My Blog log.The Key is to Find My Bloglog members that match your Interest.Sure they are many News Based Blogs Writing about the death of Micheal Jackson and The Latest From Obama,but It's Nice to Read Independent Articles and Fan Sites.But Just Say you Make Contact To Those Members and ask the to refer your site in one of those Articles just by inserting a link into the text in one of the posts.Here are Some Ideas and Mistakes People make that can be Using My Blog log to your Advantage or Killing off your Blog.

Things to Do:
*1 Join Communities that are relevant to your posts
*2 Ad Contacts and send them Messages about their Site and anything you may have relevant on your site.
*3 Ask people who have similar Posts to comment on your Posts in Return for a Comment on them.
*4 Review Blogs but Don't reblog often

By Using these 3 Simple Steps you will Create Natural Back links to your Blog.This is the whole Idea behind My Bloglog as I see It.Many People think of a link as being a Link and Thousands of Links are Great.but what are your links.If You have a Blog about Music what use is asking for back link from Someone that is Only Blogging about his Pizza shop in Palermo.If you have a Niche Only Website then you Should Find Communities In your Niche.

Common Mistakes.
*1 Joining Communities on Impulse without Visiting the Blog this is not much help as later on you find a community that you like and you have already Joined 15 Communities that day and maybe Tomorrow You will Not find that community.
*2 Adding contacts For the Sake of having Lot's of Contacts If this can Damage the public view of yourself,Why if Someone Sees you have 1000's of Contacts they Might think you are a Spammed or Worse They will Say you have 1000's of contacts if I visit your site you will be too busy to visit Mine.
3* Not Looking At Peoples Sites just their Profiles If you visit the Profile but not the site they will do the same many People use Analytics so they know where Visits Came from.

Last and Most Importantly
Try these Tips And Search For More so you Can Use My Bloglog To gain More Traffic.For more Tips on Getting Traffic from my Blog log Visit "Here"

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