Finally have to say GoodBye Hotmail

Can Technorati and Live Please Clean up A little

It's Starting to get Too much the CPU consumption of Sites like Technorati and MSN.These Sites As popular as they are are,They seem to be clogged up with Flash Advertisements Driving Users Away from the Sites rather that attracting attention to them.Have you every Seen a Hotmail ad that you followed I didn't' in-fact all Live Mails Advertisements done for me was
convince me to get a Gmail account.I thought that Sky drive was a good idea but its not take a look at this one for instance.I am trying to concentrate on my email and this thing is dancing around telling me to use Icons on my messenger.

No thanks I am Currently Concentrating on My Paypal account and I wish to continue with my business and i don't care about cute little monsters.

Technorati's stylish Drop menus don't Seem to have any function because of Z Indexing setting error and these guys give your blog a Ranking.There is way to much Flash on the Top of the page While at the Bottom they have loads of Space They Could put these Tabs on the Side.So people Would have to Scroll the full page and see all their advertisements.These services are free for Us to use but they are not the only free services.Plus Do you care about technorati anyway and is it important to claim your blog with them at all ?.

Also why not Try this tool to see how fast your page loadsWebsite Speed Test

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rb said...

me too leaving hotmail, even now yahoo messenger also started giving percentage to make my internet slower.

busstoped said...

Thanks rb The problem is that most of the world is still using 56k and even with my 3mb connection it is still giving problems.

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