My First Attempt To Write Seriously

The Whole Idea of this Article is to show people that want to learn how to write blog content.In a way which is relevant to a person sitting down trying to think of ways in which to compose their first articles for the web,And the moods they go through.Every Sentence we write is a step towards a post and every post we write is a stride.And what to write is best answered with "write what you feel".And when you write it you don't publish It instantly.Now the first thing I done was write how I felt.Let's Looked into it a little and before I got too involved in Research.I went back to Writing.

Trying to be creative is a hard task but it,s not difficult "Wait my phone just rang i have to take this call".Now do these things obstruct you Evey time you are going to write a Post.What I say to that is let them the more they distract you the more you can Write.But you don't write on your Computer you write in your Mind.You tell these things to go away from your mind.When you come to the computer write about what was stopping you writing but with some kind of Quality.No a Complaint Article.You are trying to write "murder she wrote" and you end up murdering because you tried to write.Not saying that it happens but it probably did you know the frustration of distractions can lead people to do some crazy Stuff.

The Article Some People use Prefabricated Idealism on Writing to teach you how to write articles.

*Pick a your topic
*Do research
*Do what I do because it works and ,I know everything about writing

My Opinion:
What I think myself is you go by rules and you never write a word.taking other peoples advice is good but you have to use your own brain there is no difference between you and dickens.all he was is the same as you a human being,the only difference is he had a passion for his writing.If you are going to follow these rules it will give your writing barriers making you as the dutch say "Discourage".Yes putting in foreign words in your article does not show up in the rules.which is an important factor to the reason people read in order to expand vocabulary.When I lived in Germany I was often in a situation where i could understand every word the people were telling me.but not the way the were looking at the matter what i said it was because i did not speak perfect Deutsche.Which is also a problem for most Germans.this is turning into another article so i will move on to the next point.

You are sitting in front of the Computer all the Ideas are in your mind you just have type it in and in a way that people can understand.To do this you must never try writing articles in on line editors.Why if you are writing in an editor on line your connection is interrupting you Can publish half finished
material lots of things can go wrong.Use word-pad or another text editor there are many buzzing flies and noisy Television types of interruptions when you use try to write online worst of all most of them do not have a spell check or they have a spell check and it tells you a word is misspelled but does not make a suggestion making your post look bad

Listening to the experts:
There are many on-line Experts who give advice and claim to know how the Googlebot Works don't take any of it in.They cannot possibly know and if they did they would not tell you or I.Most of them make out that writing online has a set of rules so you get higher traffic if your Post is better than the rest.Maybe it is but the Internet search is a game of "content and chance".There is always the Organic search Factor that comes into Play.Most of these posts are just trying to knock off the Competition

Making original content:
This is something you will discover when you read more posts and compare other posts and pick out what you like and dislike.You can only learn this with time and experience I am still Learning It Until my next Article.

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