Commenting on Joelcomm Internet Scam

This guy has done Work for the "New York Times"he is a "Best Selling Author".Don't Forget also a "Social Media Expert" .Thats what is all About don't Forget the E-Books All about making money online.
How could one man Like that guy who calls himself Know about all the topic on his site.Did he Ever Read it his own stuff and why do people Comment on his Site. Which is not a Website it is a blog.There are Different if you want to know the Differance there is you can find "more info here".Maybe he is or has been an Internet fraud.

I must Say i am not a fan of his and will never Buy his E-Book to be honest I would never Buy Any E-Book.But the thing is Google Does not like him Not at all He has Some 59500 Links in Yahoo 58900 in All the Web,Around the Same in Alta Vista. But Google and MsN or "Bing" as it's called Now.
Put him in His Place as A Spammer.Google have as Few as 1080 links and The Strangest of all Bing Have 0.Now this is a guy That Claims to Know the Secrets Of AdSence.How Many people did not read this crap before they had taken out their Credit Card just read the agreement on on of his Scams.Lots of people have been caught on this one i would think.

"I am ready to take action and put your techniques and strategies to the test so that I can be in the top one percent of people making money online. I also understand I'm getting a Free Trial of the Top 1% Report and I'll receive more information via email shortly. If I don't cancel, I'll be rebilled every 30 Days for $29.95."

This Guy is A Scumbag the Worst about it that page ranks #6274 in alexa traffic rank which means he is getting lots of visits everyday but forget about his Adsence book .

There is Also His Secret Classroom Which tells you how to become an Internet Millionaire "more info" So How does this guy get away with all this ?.It's only $300

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