A Faster Computer Does not mean You need to Pay

You can Find Xp Tweaks,Dial up Tweaks and Mobile broadband tweaks here Just Search here.The Engine Focus is on Tweaks Not Programs so you find what you are looking for faster I have to filtered out Sites that will not help you and are asking for a download and Not interested in finding what you are looking for.

An Example is you are looking for Windows Registry Tweaks. Just think how many Crappy Registry Cleaners there is 1000's of them.But you want to know "How to tweak the Windows Registry".This is Where the Sites I excluded don't come up and you find only Registry Tweaks.This will Save you lots of Time and you won't have to read through all these Search Results that are Irrelevant to you Search.I have previewed All the Sites that i have Excluded I took me Lots of time But the Results Are much More of User Interest Than Commercial. So you Will Find More "Tweaks Not Scam Downloads" Resulting in a Cleaner Search.These Registry Cleaners Are Not the Only Things filtered Out, I Also Filtered out Things Like Speed up you Internet Connection,Cnet and More.That Are Trying to Sell not inform You.I try to filter out as much as i can by visiting the sites and Seeing if they are promotional or Informative by Informative i mean that they will help not informative about Selling Propaganda such as Newspaper Reports and Magazine Reviews Only Tweaks Interest This Search Engine.

The Other Sites Excluded Are Paid to Promote sites that claim to do Research on products But these Sites are only Reviewing for Sales purposes Claiming that one product is Better and so on So when you Search for "getting more traffic" you should have Little or No. "SEO Scam Sites" Just Blogs and Real Information.To learn more about Seo scam sites "click here"Here is a site with many tweaks
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