Selling your Biggest Twitter Fear

Don't Get Caught Trying to Protect your twitter Account.

Protecting Your Twitter Account.Well the Splash pagers thing of anything to Get money from you upon getting a new strange follower,I seen another direct message.Saying thanks for following! Don't loose your followers protect yourself now.Then the Tiny URL. Strange message but it lead to my favorite a splash page this one claiming to secure yor twitter followers.Ranting and raving about the risk of getting your account closed and that 99.9% of the followers lists are not protected.

He fears every time he logs into his Twitter Account it will be disabeled.Then there is this Strange statement that if twitter closes down you will lose your follower list.

Now for the interesting Part he some how starts to make you feel sorry for him claiming to be deaf anyway you just stop reading and go to the Fine print,And see what is in it for afilates.

The program Basics are it Sells for $19.95 Afilates earn 50 % on level 1 don't forget there are processing fees and you have to sing up with

These pages Don't work When will they stop they all make so many claims that the reader knows it's a Scam.

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