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Watch out for false taggers on My Blog Log
It has Come to my attention that myself and some of my blog log Community members have been tagged by people with a certain website.In Fact the actual number was somewhat in the range of 1700 members who were tagged by this member.I ask Fellow mybloglog users to check which tags are been placed under their Communities.

He was not the only one fake tagging
I decided to look a little more into this and found that there are many using this are of advertising.Why people use this method is trivial I believe they think they will get more traffic by using this method.But like the people that send you an affiliate message when they follow you on twitter you very rarely go to that page.

Tagging is helpful don't abuse it.
this is a questions to the fake tagger.How many communities have you tagged ?
what are you trying to achieve by doing this ?
what will you do when these communities send out a message to their members saying that you are a fake tagger and their members do the same and delete you from their contact list?

Your tag is only to your own interest.
If I add the tag Marketing to my blog it means I can find other Marketing Blogs and it's a common interest.
As for your tag WWW.Your is not an interest it's you site and that's it now below I am adding to my tag as Spammer
there are more of you out there and if anyone know how to stop them do it now.

What to Do about Fake Taggers
Check your MBL tags for domain name Tags and see who put it in there send the message to your community and ask the members to remove this tag if it appears.Remember that Mybloglog is a Community and we have to Work together
and remove them so people can connect to each other

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denpry said...

thank infoe...get lucky for you

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