Why I never Ask Forums For Help

I have just recovered from an error 15 and I have only one suspect to who or what cause it.My connection has been coming and going all the time driving my computer mad i just hear fans and grinding all the time.When i went to the router a netopia wlan is seen that the Internet light was blinking all the time this is what caused my drive to crash or overheat.I went back on-line using a live CD but i still could not access my hard drive where all the passwords were stored in Firefox.So the Ubuntu hard live CD was enough to go on-line via wired Internet.but i wanted to use my hard drive and tried to find an answer in the forums no chance.

So how did i recover
I decided to reinstall it was the only option left but upon trying to reinstall at 50% or 52% it gave me a message that the system is overheated or damaged.Then I said F#*k as you do.So i had a Live CD of Gusty Xubuntu at hand and tried that yes it worked and I could see my files I copied what files i needed to a pen drive and then installed Xubuntu 7.10 or Gusty Gibbon.It was working but I wanted Gnome Really not Xfce because of the problem with reentering your Wireless key key and restricted drivers which work out of the box in Ubuntu just a restart required.So if I was Abel to install Xubuntu then why not Ubuntu so i gave it another shot I had not saved anything so there was no problem to try another installation.Put back in the Hardy live CD and it worked this tactic will never feature in forums because it's an individual approach but the only results i got when searching were forums and other useless answers.

Never help in forums
Look at the amount of beans some people have in forums if someone has time to make 20000 forum posts He/She must know many things and be very helpful.But things like that worked for me yes and forum Friends make you wonder are these legit.So If you can't find a blog or something written in a language that you can understand try work it out for yourself because you never find help in forums.

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