Over Commenting ,Content is King

Blogging about topical issues on your blog can get you the Benefit of some great content.It sounds Strange but as I was Searching Today,I happened to Stumble upon an Article.It happens where the Blog Author had Posted Something that another reader happens to disagree with.That is fine I come across content that I do not Agree with All the time.This Guest instead of Writing A Contary Blog About the Subject in Question He Decided To turn this Persons Post Comment into his Blog .I suppose there are many ways to Attract Attention to your blog Critical Analysis can Boost you Organic Search results.But As For the Rule If you can Show A picture It Says a Thousand Words so here are the pictures.

The Main Post

The Comment

So as you can See From the Images If you make your Readers Angry you can Get lots of Content With Very Little Work.To See the Post in Question "click here".Or you can stay.As for the headline This is why content is King

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