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I have installed Wine.
on my computer deciding to use a Windows based Website Builder in Ubuntu. Now i see why i moved to Ubuntu yes like all Windows Computer based software you only get a taste of it for free.Graphics are sometimes unstable and I guess Wine Helps you to Remember "How Crap Vista Is" After I Downloaded 2 Free Website builders and both of them are only trails. Of course this happens all the time you type in Free website software and there is Millions of results. But how many of the a free the results are bugging at first because Cnet comes up always when you search for free software but its free to Try. Well us bloggers have to be very exact when we say we have content or we will not come up in a search.

But Cnet always does on the first page, even though the product is not there . Another example is Softpedia , same Story all trails if i do a search for Free website Builder Trails . Everthing for Computers except what I am looking for.
I only get 144000 results. But i am looking for a free program to build a website
I get even more Results. I do an advanced search for free program to build a website download and one of the first result is Windows Defender. So where the hell do i find one i know there is programs like this but where are they ?.

Lets Get back to CNET how come they come up so often in search even though they have no results in their description it says CNET is the premier destination for tech product reviews, news and price comparisons, free software downloads, daily videos, and podcasts.Maybe this is the secret a good Description tag. I hear lots about spiders not paying attention to keywords and by the example of CNET .I can see this is true because their key words CNET, product reviews, tech reviews, tech news, free software downloads, have very Little to do with their content in fact only 33%.So a soon as i find my free website builder and forget about trying to find something Windows based and free I will be looking into my title description.

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