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While i tried to get my meta tags correct,There was one thing i had been forgetting and yes it was the most important,My Content. Thinking about the meta tags will only make you forget your content and mess up your reputation with Google.Because SEO tells you that this is wrong and that is wrong you are not worried about the content.Google does Provide organic search and you should be thinking on your content not tags and descriptions. Seo is aimed at companies not personal blogs so the advice from them is mostly wrong.Just say I have a hotel i want to market the SEO is Easy.Why because i just have to geo target and well what decriptions do you need for a hotel. Accommadtion,Rooms,Conferances,and son on Simple.But a personal Blog is much harder that's why it is personal.I am now Going to forget SEO and Just blog about what i like and hope for the best from Organic Search.Like Googles Answerly.Because if you put in keywords the have to be right you search day and night for ways to put meta tags in posts and all the time you are loosing out on organic Results,Which is more likey where your blog will appear.Latest Tips For Bloggers

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